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  301. aid n. 援助;救护;辅助工具

  first aid 急救 in aid of 支持

  by ( the) aid of 借助于,通过…的帮助 come/ go to one’s aid 帮助某人

  v. 帮助,促进 aid (sb/ sth) in/ with ( doing) sth 帮助某人做…

  302.bend v. 弯曲、弯腰、伏案 bend—bent—bent

  She was bent over her desk writing a letter. 她正伏案写信。

  303. observe v.观察,监视,观测

  observe sb do sth观察某人做某事; observe sb doing sth 观察某人在做某事

  observe sth done 观察某事被做 observed Christmas Day/one’s birthday 庆祝…

  observe the law 遵守…

  304. cash n. 现金 pay in cash /by check vt. 兑现 ~ a check

  cash in on…从…获得利润 The shop are cashing in on temporary shortage by raising prices.

  305. high 1) adj. at a high / low price in a high voice in high spirits

  2) adv. 与 highly的区别 1high表示具体的含义 “高高地 ” fly high in the sky/ jump high

  2highly表示的是抽象的含义 “高度地” a highly developed country think / speak highly of

  306. drown v. 淹死; (声音)掩盖 a drowning man/ a drowned man

  The noise of the train drowned his voice.

  307. thirsty adj. 渴的;渴望 渴求 We were hungry and thirsty.

  He is thirsty for money / power. have a thirst for knowledge 渴求知识

  308. connect v. 1) connect A to/with/ and B 使连接,联结

  The towns are connected by trains and bus services.

  2) connect sth (to sth) 接通,使…连接 First connect the printer to the computer.

  3) connect sb / sth (with sb / sth) , be connected with 与…有联系/关联

  Theory is closely connected with practice.

  4)为某人接通电话 Hold on, please, I’m trying to connect you.

  309. illegal / legal adj. It is illegal to drive through a red light.

  illegally adv. He entered the country illegally.

  310. profit make a profit 获利 The company made a health profit on the deal.

  at a profit 可以获利 We should be able to sell the house at a profit.

  profit by / from sth 获益,得到好处;对某人有益

  Farmers are profiting from the new law.

  Many local people believe the development will profit them.

  311. permission n.允许,许可,同意 ask/request/apply for permission 申请许可

  get/obtain/receive permission 获得批准 with/without one’s permission (未)经某人许可

  312. couple n.两人、物;几个人、物;一对夫妻 a young / an elderly couple

  I saw a couple of men get out . We went there a couple of years ago.

  313. attend v. 看护,照料,服侍;出席,参加 attend a meeting/ school/ church/ the concert

  attend to sth处理,注意 I have a few other things to attend to.

  attend to sb 看护 attend to a baby

  314. characteristic adj. 独特的 n. 特征 特点 a key characteristic of…

  315. wander vi ~ about / around the street

  316. worry n. 烦恼;v. 担心, 使某人担心; Sth worry sb 某物使某人担心

  Sb worry about sth 某人担心某事 Sb be worried about sth/sb 某人担心某事

  a worrying situation 令人担忧的局面

  317. neck n. 颈,脖子 neck and neck (with…) 比赛中势均力敌,不分上下

  a round-necked sweater 一件圆领毛衣

  318. baggage n.行李 a piece of/an article of baggage

  319. reserve 预留 ;预定 reserve something for somebody/something

  I'd like to reserve a table for three for eight o'clock.

  These seats are reserved for special guests

  320. ban n.禁令 v. 禁止,取缔 a ban on smoking 禁烟令

  place… under ban 对…加以禁止 ban sb. from sth./ doing 禁止某人做

  321. carry v. 拿;搬;运;背 carry on 继续、进行 carry out 实施、执行

  322. class after class; have classes; the first class 头等; the working class 工人阶级

  323. mark 1) v. 标记; 打分,评成绩; 纪念, 庆贺, 标志着

  the goods marked with prices; I hate marking exam papers

  a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the foundation of China.

  His death marked the end of an era(时代)。

  2)n. 成绩,分数;记号; get a low/high mark get full marks make a mark

  324. astonish v 使惊讶 astonished /astonishing

  be/look astonished at 对…感到大吃一惊 an astonished look

  325. escape v / n 逃跑,逃脱escape +n/doing逃避… escape from …逃离(地点)

  a narrow escape

  326. provide vt. 提供 provide sth for sb /provide sb with sth Providing/provided that…

  327. joy n. 1 (much) to one’s joy 2light up with joy

  328. steal v. stole stolen My wallet was stolen last night.

  329. fantastic. adj. 极好的 That s an ~idea.

  巨大的 a ~ amount of money 荒诞的 a ~dream

  330. increase 1) v. increase to / by 增加到/了

  2) n Great demands lead to a large increase in supply.

  increasingly adv. 越来越多的,不断增加的

  increasingly difficult/ important/ popular

  331. fluent adj. 流利的 He is ~ in English. He speaks ~ English

  fluently adv. fluency n.

  332. slide (slid, slid) 滑行;悄悄的移动 The drawers slide in and out easily

  She slid out while no one was looking.

  slide sth. + adv. / prep. The man slid the money quickly into his pocket.

  333. wash n. 洗,洗的东西; vt/ vi. 洗,冲洗 This cloth washes easily. 表性质用主动表被动

  334. environment n. 环境 protect the environment environmentally friendly

  335. fall (fell fallen) n秋季,跌倒; v降落,突然到来; 系动词v进入…状态

  fall ill/asleep/silent fall behind

  fall over fall to the ground

  fall down from/fall off… A sudden silence fell.

  My birthday falls on a Monday this year.

  336. request vt&n 请求(比ask正式,比demand礼貌)

  He came at my ~. 在我的要求下 make a request 提出要求

  He ~ed that his guests (should) sit down.

  337. sort n. 种类 类别 品种 There are all sorts of jobs you could do.

  v. 整理 把…分类 ; 处理 安排 sort (out) the letters

  Rubbish can be easily separated and sorted into the plastics, glass and paper.

  It is our problem. We will get it sorted.

  sort of = kind of 有点儿 He is sort of nervous.

  338. late 1) adj. 1be late for… 2 in the late 1970s

  2) adv. 1get up late 2 late in the afternoon 傍晚

  3) 1better late than never 迟到总比不到好

  2It’s never too late to mend 亡羊补牢

  3 of late = lately/ recently I haven’t seen him of late.

  339.devotion n. 奉献,奉献精神 devote v. 奉献,贡献

  one’s devotion to his job devote oneself/ one’s time /one’s energy to sth. /doing sth.

  be devoted to sth/doing sth

  340. inform 告诉,通知 inform sb. of /that

  We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected.

  keep sb. informed of make informed decision

  341 . leave 1) v. 1leave sp. for sp 离开…去… 2leave + 宾语+宾补

  leave the door open leave her waiting for 2 hours

  leave him out leave him an orphan 使他成为孤儿

  3丢下 leave sth. +介词短语 leave the key on the bus

  4leave out 遗漏 leave behind 把…丢在后边

  leave alone,不打扰,不碰 leave off 不包括,不把…列入

  2) n. 假期 ask for a two-week leave

  342. insure 给…保险 vt. Have you insured the contents of your home?

  343. alone adj/adv 单独的 孤独的

  1) 形容词She is alone at home. (她独自一人在家。)

  2) 副词I like to work alone. (我喜欢独自一人工作。)

  3) “只有,仅仅”, The shoes alone cost $200. ※ let /leave sb /sth alone 别打扰

  let alone 更不用说

  344. lonely

  1) 定语, “孤单的,无伴侣的,无人烟的,荒凉的,偏僻的” a lonely man / island.

  2) 表语,“孤寂的,寂寞的” feel lonely ※ He lives alone but he doesn’t feel lonely.

  345. pressure 压力;心理压力;紧张;承受着某事的压力 air / water pressure

  She was unable to attend because of the pressure of the work.

  pressure sb into sth/doing sth

  Don’t let yourself be pressured into making a hasty decision.

  不要勉强自己仓促做决定。 under pressure 被迫

  The director is under increasing pressure to resign.

  The team performs well under pressure. 这个队在压力下表现良好。

  346. coincidence n.共同发生,巧合

  by coincidence what a coincidence a strange/ remarkable coincidence

  347. beyond 超出、超过 beyond one’s imagination/description 难以想象/描述

  beyond one’s power 超出能力范围 beyond my wildest dreams 做梦也没想到

  348. worthy a. 有价值的;配得上的;相称的

  be worthy of sth/being done: The problem is worthy of consideration/being considered.

  be worthy to be done: The young man is worthy to be taught.

  349. consist vi 包含,组成,构成 1) consist of 由…组成 The committee consists of ten members.

  2) consist in 在于,存在于 The beauty of the city consists in its magnificent buildings.

  consistent adj 一致的 be consistent with 与…一致

  350. park n (c) 公园 vt. 停放(车辆 飞机等) 1) Can we park the car here? 2) a parking lot 停车场

  351. date n. v. We need to fix a date for the next meeting .

  date back to / date from a law dating from the 17th century. make a date

  352. live 1) v. 居住,生活 /liv/ live/ lead a … life; live on 以…为生; live by doing 靠做…为生

  live life to the fullest 充实地生活; live up to 符合,不辜负

  live with 与住在一起;忍受 live through 经历过…而活着

  2) adj./adv. /laiv/ 活着的,现场直播 a live fish; a live football match; broadcast live

  区分living/alive/ live / lively

  When I reached the hospital, he was alive. catch sb alive;

  keep our culture alive He is the greatest musician living in the world

  a lively discussion/lecture

  353. reward 报酬,报答;酬金,奖赏 reward sb for sth / doing sth

  She was rewarded for her efforts with a cash bonus. 一笔奖金

  She started singing to the baby and was rewarded with a smile.

  You deserve a reward for being so helpful. 你帮了这么大忙,应受到奖励。

  A $100 reward has been offered for the return of the necklace.

  354. downstairs adv.到楼下,在楼下 go downstairs

  355. lately = recently 最近,近来

  356. past adj 过去的; 前任的 a past president (前任总统)

  n. 过去 in the past adv. 经过 run/ walk past

  prep. 过 He is past sixty

  357. sleep 睡觉 n. I didn’t get much sleep last night.

  I feel better after a good night’s sleep. fall into sleep have a sound sleep

  v. slept/slept sleep well / deeply / soundly / badly

  358.deliver deliver a baby

  Do you have your milk delivered?

  She is due to deliver a lecture. 安排她做一个演讲。

  359. call v. 叫;喊;打电话 a girl called Mary a girl calling herself Mary

  call on call at sp. call for call up call off call in

  360. hunt v. a. lions sometimes hunt alone. / whales are being hunted and killed.

  b. she is hunting for a new job. c. police are hunting for an escaped criminal.

  hunt sb down hunt out

  361. inspect v. inspection n. inspector n.

  The teacher walked around inspecting their work.

  362. mistake (mistook, mistaken) n./v. 错误,犯错 make a mistake犯错误;

  mistake A for B 误将A当成B by mistake 错误地

  be mistaken (about…) 错误的(常作表语) 比较:It is not my fault. 这不是我的错。

  363. forget v忘记 forget to do sth/forget doing

  Don’t forget me to your mother. You must do it before you forget it.

  Forget about sth 别再想… Forget it.

  364. puzzle What puzzles me is why he left the country without telling anyone.

  puzzle over / about sth 苦苦思索,仔细琢磨 puzzling/ puzzled

  365. rush vi. 冲 ,匆忙 n. (上下班/交通)高峰期 We’ve got plenty of time; there is no need to ~.

  The injured were ~ed to the hospital. during the ~ hour

  366. hurt vi./ vt. hurt one’s feelings/ leg; be badly hurt

  My leg hurts. Where does it hurt? 你哪疼?

  367. violent adj ~ crime / ~ movies ~ reaction a ~ change / a ~ headache

  violently adv

  368. else adj 别的/其他的(做后置定语)or else 否则

  You can use somebody else’s car. Who else can do it?

  369. smile v./ n.微笑 She smiled at him and he smiled back. He smiled with relief.

  He is wearing a big/forced/cold smile.

  370. flash n 闪光,转瞬间v闪光

  Memories flashed through my mind.往事历历在目。 a flash of lightning/in a flash

  371. progress n. 进步;进展 (不可数) v. 进展;进行

  make much/ great/ rapid / progress in sth在某方面取得很大进步

  in progress 在进行中 Work on the new road is progressing slowly.

  372. cheer n./vi. 欢呼;喝彩A great cheer went up from the crowd.

  cheer sb on 为某人加油 cheer up 振作起来;高兴起来 Cheers ! 共同举杯

  373. law n. 1 break/ obey/ keep the law 2 by law 依据法律

  374. set vt.(set-set-setting)放,摆;指定,规定;装置,调整;使处于某种状态;使…做某事;树立,出(题) ~ foot on… / ~ a standard / ~ a clock/watch / ~ …free / ~ an example to sb

  ~ about (doing) sth / ~ aside留出,拨出 / ~ back(the clock one hour)往回拨

  ~ off 动身,出发;燃放,使爆炸 /~ out 动身,出发/~ out to do 开始,着手

  ~ up 建立,开办 The sun has ~.(vi. 落,下沉)

  375. burn—burned—burned/--burnt—burnt 燃烧;晒黑、伤 burn down 烧毁

  burn…to the ground= completely destroyed 夷为平地 get burnt 被晒伤

  a burning candle 燃烧的蜡烛

  376. enough n 足够 adj足够的/充分的 ad足够地/充分地

  I can’t thank you enough.=I can’t thank you too much. old enough to go to school

  There are enough chairs for the guests.

  377. cruel adj残忍的; 引起痛苦的 be cruel to…

  Her father’s death was a cruel blow.

  cruelly adv. cruelty n

  378. undertake (undertook, undertaken) v. 承担,从事,负责;承诺

  undertake the difficult task/responsibility

  undertake to do He undertook to finish the job by Friday.

  379. contain v. container n. 容器,集装箱

  1) 包含/括 The book contains 12 units. 2)含有物质/成分Sea water contains a lot of salt.

  3)容纳、装有 The envelope contained 500 dollars.

  380. elect (投票)选举 v. elect sb.(as)… an elected leader/representative

  n. election win/lose a election run for election 参加竞选

  381. easy adj. Easier said than done 说时容易做时难 Take it easy 别急,放松

  382. donate 捐赠,捐献 donate sth to sb/sth

  donation: organ donation make a donation to

  383. blame 1)be to blame 应该受到责备(主动表被动) 2) blame sb. for doing→sb. be blamed for …

  384. attract v. 吸引,引起 Like attracts like 物以类聚

  385. shoe n. 鞋 a pair of/two pairs of ~s / put on (take off)one’s ~s

  be in one’s ~s 处于某人的位置/处境

  386. otherwise=or (else)

  Do it otherwise, please. = in another way 以另一种方式

  or otherwise 或其他情况 We’ll get there by train or otherwise.

  387. handle n. 把手 the ~ of the door vt. 处理,应付 I have no idea how to ~ the children.

  388. train n. 火车;v. 培训,训练 trainer教练,训练者 trainee受训练者

  train sb for sth为…对某人进行培训 train sb as a fireman把某人训练成…

  389. mean adj. 小气的,刻薄的 be mean with money 花钱吝啬 be mean to sb 对某人刻薄

  vt. 1) 打算,意欲 mean to do mean sb to do be meant to do/for

  His mother meant him to be an engineer. The chairs are meant for guests.

  2) 意味着,意思是… mean (doing) sth

  Money means nothing for him. What do you mean by that? 你说那个是什么意思?

  390. price n. 价格;代价 at a high /low price at a price of two dollars per kilo

  at any price 不惜一切代价

  391. coin c/n Every coin has two sides. 事物皆有两面性

  392. ill adj 1) ill与sick的区别 He was ill/ sick. a sick mother

  2) = bad have a bad/ an ill effect on…影响不好 speak/ think ill of sb. 说某人的坏话

  393. idea n. have some/ no idea + 从句 / of …

  I have no idea why she left. / I have no idea of his address.

  394. appearance n. 出现,露面;容貌 judge by appearances 以貌取人

  395. stand v. stood stood Stand still while I take a photo of you. 站立 直立

  The house stood empty for a long time. 位于(某处)某种状态

  Modern plastics can stand very high and very low temperatures. 承受; 忍受

  stand out stand by stand for

  n. 态度 观点 货摊 台

  396. free v自由的,空闲的,免费的 be free from/of

  free of charge/for free/free sb from(of) a tax-free shop/a smoke-free room

  397. clarify v.澄清,阐明,使……纯净 clarify a situation/ problem/ issue

  clarification n. seek clarification of

  398. wrist seize sb by the wrist

  399. quit quit quit quitted quitted 1)。If I don’t get more money, I’ll quit .

  2)。He quit the show last year because of bad health. 3)。I’ve quit smoking.

  4)。We decided it was time to quit the city.

  400. envy vt/ n嫉妒/羡慕 envy sb sth the envy of sb

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