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  601. disabled a. 残废的,残疾的 The disabled were sent to the hospital.

  602. against prep 对着,反对, 靠着,迎着,衬着

  stand against the wall (靠墙站着) go against nature; be against sth 反对

  They are strongly against the plan. The pine tree were black against the morning sky.

  603. short adj. 短的,短期的,近的;矮的;缺少的, 不足的

  in a ~ time be ~ of …缺少 be ~ for…是…的缩写 in short 简言之 shorten v.

  604. focus. vt. 集中 ~ one s eyes /attention Eyes were ~ed on him

  n. 焦点,引人注目的中心

  605. send v.(sent-sent) 寄,送,用无线电波发送信号;打发,派遣;使变得

  ~ a message / ~ him a telegram / sent their children to school.

  This noise is ~ing me mad. / A telegram sent him hurrying home.

  ~ sb away 解雇某人 ~ for sb 派人去叫某人 ~ off 发出,寄出

  ~ out 派去,打发,散发出 ~ up 发射 send sb./ sth doing

  606. will n. 意志,遗嘱 He gave up his job against his mother’s will. 他违背母亲的意志辞调了工作

  We chose ten boys at will.随意,任意

  607. terrify vt. 使人感到恐怖

  The creature, which is unusually large and strong, is extremely ugly, and terrifies all those who see it .(短)be terrified at 被…吓了一跳 We were terrified at the deafening explosion.

  608. little-less-least not a little 非常; more than a little 非常

  She felt tired and more than a little worried.

  Little did I know about him. 我一点也不了解他。

  609. roll vi/vt 滚动;卷;转动 n. 滚动;卷

  The ball ~ed into the hole. The clouds are ~ing away.

  The moon ~s about the earth. He ~ed himself (up) in a blanket.

  ~ the wool into a ball Stop ~ing your eyes at me, girl.

  He ~ed up the window of the car.

  610. elder n 长者;长辈;adj 年纪较长的(只做定语)elder sister 大姐

  Children have no respect for their elders nowadays.

  611. fun n 有趣的事,娱乐,玩笑 It is great fun to swim in a pool in summer.

  have fun doing just for fun make fun of sb

  612. shape n. 样子,形状,形态;体现,具体形式

  in good ~ 完整无损,状态良好/ out of ~ 走形

  v. (使)形成,塑造,具体化 It is ~d like a bell. / Our plan is shaping well.

  613. swear (swore, sworn) v. 宣誓, 发誓 swear at sb 咒骂某人 swear to God

  swear to do sth swear that clause

  Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

  He swore that he was telling the truth.

  614. fire n 火 v射击,开火,解雇,点燃 be on fire for /fire sb

  615. want v. 想要,需要 The house wants painting.(The house wants to be painted) 这房子需要粉刷

  616. nose n. 鼻子 a running/runny nose 流鼻涕的鼻子

  617. toast n.1)祝酒 drink a toast to… 2)烤面包片 a piece of toast

  v.1)为…干杯 2)烤(面包) a toasted sandwich

  618. overlook 不注意,没注意到,俯瞰,监督指导

  1)。He seems to have overlooked one important fact .

  2)。This is a restaurant ________the lake.

  3)。She has been overlooked for promotion several times.

  619. discover v. / discovery n. make a discovery

  620. safe adj安全的 n. 保险箱 safely 安全地 safety n. 安全

  He came back safe and sound.安然无恙

  621. earn v. 挣;赢得; arn a living /earn one’s living she earns the respect of her students.

  622. be blind to 对…视而不见、熟视无睹 =turn a blind eye to

  623. run v(ran-run-running)跑;创办;管理;运转,操作;流动;掉色;变成

  The college ~s summer courses for foreign students.

  Could you ~ the engine for a moment? The tears ran down her cheeks.

  The color of the clothes runs easily. We have run short of milk.

  run across sb/sth 偶遇 ~ after 追赶,追求

  come running跑过来 ~ into sb / sth 碰到,

  ~ out /~ out of sth用完,耗尽 ~ over 压过去

  624. search v& n. 搜寻,搜查 search…for … in search of sb/sth

  625. action n. 行动 take action to do sth put sth into action 把…付诸实施

  626. strict adj. strictly adv. strictness n.

  be strict with sb / be strict in (about)sth / strictly speaking

  627. gift n赠品,礼 a birthday gift have a gift for a man of many gifts

  ◎gifted = talented 有天赋的 a ~ student

  628. divide v. 划分;分配;除 ; divide sth up into 把……分成……份

  divide sth up between / among sb 在…… 之间均分

  The food was divided among all the people。 Nine divided by three is three.

  Opinions are divided on the problem.

  629. distance n. 距离 distant adj. 远的 in the distance 在远处

  at a distance of 数字 隔…距离

  630. snake n. 蛇 v The road snaked away into the distance.

  The soldiers snaked their way through the narrow street.

  631. history n. 1 in history 在历史上 2 the history of America 美国的历史

  3 have a long history / have a history of… 4 make history 创造历史

  632. tolerate v. 容忍, 宽容; 经受, 忍受;

  Those who know how to tolerate others can naturally lead a happy life.

  633. store v.保存 贮存 n.商店 /贮存物 备用物

  in store (for sb) We don’t know what life holds in store for us.

  634. explain v 解释 explain sth to sb explanation n 解释

  635. courage n. courageous adj

  take courage (from sth) 因某事而鼓起勇气; lose courage

  636. make v. 1) 制造 做make sth. into…把…制成… be made into

  make sth. (out) of… --- be make of… make sth. from… --- be made from…

  2) make coffee/tea 煮咖啡/沏茶; make the bed 铺床

  3) make yourself heard/ understand (使你自己被听到/理解)

  make sb do sth----sb be made to do (使某人做某事)

  She made him her assistant. (任命)

  4)link-v 成为 She will make a good mother. This room would make a nice office.

  5) make money/ a fortune/ a living

  6) make it 获得成功;幸免于难,渡过难关;准时到达;能够出席到场

  He will never really make it as an actor. 作为演员他永远不会真正的成功。

  The doctors think he’s going to make it. 医生们认为他能挺过去。

  I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it on Sunday. 很抱歉, 星期天我不能到场。

  7) make the most of… 充分利用 8) make out 辨别清楚; 理解,明白

  I could just made out a figure in the darkness. I can’t make out what she wants.

  9) make up 组成; 编造; 补上(for);化妆; 和好

  Can I leave early this afternoon and make up the time tomorrow?


  Has he made up with her yet? 他跟她和好了吗?

  637. determine v. determine to do They determined to start early.

  be determined to do I am determined to succeed.

  determination He fought the illness with courage and determination.

  638. afford vt. 负担得起,抽得出(时间); 提供

  can/could/be able to afford sth/to do sth I can’t afford a book/to buy the book

  639. flesh n. 肉 your own ~ and blood 你自己的亲骨肉

  in the flesh 亲自,本人

  640. measure 1) vt. 测量; 有…长/宽 He has gone to be measured for a new suit.

  The main bedroom measures 12m by 15m. The main bedroom measuring 12m by 15m is mine.

  2) n. 尺寸;措施 make sth to one’s measure 量体裁衣; take measures to do…采取措施

  641. accept vt.

  accept the gift /invitation /plan accept sb/sth as…

  642. name n. 名字,名气 v. 命名

  She first made her name as a writer of children’s books. 出名 enjoy a good name 享有盛名

  by name 用名字 She asked for you by name. by the name of=named… 名叫…的

  in God’s/Heaven’s name=in the name of God/Heaven 究竟,到底,看在上帝的份上

  in the name of… 为… ,再…名下 be named after 取名

  a boy named…/naming himself… 名叫 name him (as) captain 任命

  namely =that is… 即,也就是说…

  643. pain n. 疼痛 pains n. 苦功,大力气 His neck is in pain. 、He has a bad pain in his left foot.

  pleasures and pains 苦与乐 No pains, no gains. 不劳不获。

  644. tie n. 领带,关系,结,平局 v. (用绳,线) 系,拴,扎,打成平局,得分相等 (tied/tied/tying)

  The match ended in a tie. 比赛打成平局

  Our team tied (with) their team.=Our team was tied with their team. 打成平局

  Please tie the horse to the tree. 把马拴到树上

  645. collect vt. 收集;搜集 collect stamps/stamp collecting 集邮

  646. special adj. 特殊的 不寻常的;重要的,特别关注的;有专门目的的

  There is something special about this place. What are your special interests?

  These teachers need special training. a special moment

  n. 特价产品;特价The menu changes regularly and there are daily specials to choose from.

  specially adv. 专门地 特意地

  647. hate v. hate to do/ doing I hate it when people cry.

  648. cattle n. 牛(总称)单复同形 The cattle are in the shed. 牛在牛棚里。

  649. build—built—built v. 建筑;建造 build up 增进、增强

  650. unite v. 联合,团结 Carnival became a way to unite different communities.

  We should unite with all the forces that can be united.

  651. far adj /adv远的,远地 farther, further ( further表抽象含义further study)

  far from:离…远; 远远不… His work is far from satisfactory.

  As/so far as I can see= In my opinion=Personally依我看…

  652. equal adj平等的,相同的 vt等于 be equal to sth/doing equal the world record

  653. round adj, adv, prep,v 圆的;环绕; 在…周围 a girl with a ~ face

  The earth moves ~ the earth. Round our mouths to pronounce the word.

  654. feast 盛会,宴会 v. feast your eyes n. a wedding feast

  The evening was a real feast for music lovers.

  655. absent adj. 缺席的,不在的 be absent from absent-minded adj. 心不在焉的

  656. prison n. prisoner n. take sb prisoner 俘虏某人

  657. cloth u/c 布料,抹布; a piece of cloth; a table cloth;

  clothing u/n (总称) 衣服 a piece of clothing; an article of clothing clothes(pl.) 衣服;

  658. insert v. ~ sth in / into/ between sth

  They ~a tube in his mouth to help him breathe.

  ~ sth into sth He ~ed a paragraph into his will.

  659. help n. / v. 1 help sb. (to) do/with sth. 2 help sb out of 帮助摆脱…

  3 can’t help doing 禁不住做… 4 can not help but do不得不做某事

  5 help oneself to sth. 随便用… 6 with one’s help

  660. notice n. 注意 v. 注意到 take notice of=pay attention to 注意

  Don’t take any notice of what you read in the papers.

  come to my notice 让我看到 put up a notice 公告,通知

  The bar is closed until further notice. 另行通知 notice sb/sth. do/doing/done

  661. diet n. 饮食 go/be on a diet 节食

  662. break—broke –broken break out (战争、火灾、疾病等)爆发

  break down (车、机器等)坏掉、出故障;分解;(身体)垮掉;

  break in 打断;闯入 break up 破碎;(关系)破裂

  break away from 摆脱、脱离

  663. budget n. within / over budget 在预算内/超出预算 on a (tight) budget 缺少钱 拮据

  vt. ~ sth for … 将…编入预算 ~$1,000,000 for education spending

  vi. ~ for 存钱 编预算 ~ for a holiday abroad

  664. loose adj. a.) She usually wears her hair ~.

  The potatoes were sold ~ not in bags.

  b.) The sheep were ~ on the road. c.) a ~ shirt d. )~ soil

  e.) a ~ alliance/ coalition / federation f.) break / tear / cut sb / sth ~ from sb / sth

  He cuts himself ~ from his family. hang / stay ~

  let sb / sth ~ Let her hair ~

  665. close vt. 关闭 adj. 近的;亲密的 adv. 近地

  closely adv. 密切地;仔细地 watch closely 密切注视;仔细观察

  a close friend; be/stand/get close to;

  close the door/eyes; with his eyes closed/open close down 关闭、倒闭

  666. shoot v.(shot-shot)发射,射击,射中,投掷;拍摄 n. 射击;投篮;嫩芽

  ~ a person dead / ~ sb in the head /~ the ball in / ~ a scene 拍一场戏 ~ at…向…射击

  667. attention n. 注意,关心

  pay ( much/no/little) attention to draw one’s attention to

  fix one’s attention/mind/eyes on; attract one’s attention

  668. joke n. 1play a joke on sb. 2have/ make a joke with sb.

  669. sign n. 符号;预兆,迹象;牌子,招牌,标记;手势 v.签字,签名,示意

  A dark cloud is a ~ of rain. There were ~s that they would succeed.

  Please ~ (your name)on the paper. The policeman ~ed them to stop.

  670. jam n. traffic jam

  671. excite vt 使兴奋/使激动 If the loud noise excites the lion, he may attack you.

  We are excited to hear the exciting news. in an excited voice

  672. begin—began—begun—beginning begin with=start with 以…开始

  to begin with=to start with (插入语)首先、第一

  I don’t like living here. To begin with, the room is far too small.

  673. bit 1) a bit of+不可数n.= a little +不可数n. He can speak a bit of French.

  2) a bit/a little +比较级 a bit more slowly 3) not a bit=not at all 一点儿也不、毫不

  674. worried adj

  1) be ~ about sb / sth Doctors are worried about the possible spread of the disease.

  2) be worried that… I was worried that you wouldn’t come back.

  worrying adj ~ problems worry vt/vi ~ (sb / oneself) (about sb /sth )

  There is no point in worrying about things you can’t change.

  I don’t want to worry you about the present situation.

  675. contribute v. 1) contribute (sth) (to/ towards sth) 捐献,捐赠

  We contributed 5000 yuan to the earthquake fund.

  2) contribute to 导致,有助于 Smoking contributes to lung cancer.

  3) contribute (sth) (to sth) 撰稿,在会议或会谈期间讲话,发表意见

  She contributed (a number of articles )to the magazine.

  We hope everyone will contribute to the discussion.

  676. march 1) vt./vi. 行军,行进 march on Washington DC 向华盛顿进军

  2) n. on the march 在行军中

  677. think v. thought thought 认为;思考 I think so ./ I don’t think so .

  think of / about / for yourself/ over / of…as

  thinking n. 思维 思想;想法 见解 I had to do some quick thinking.

  678. cost n花费;代价,损失;vt需付费;使损失 the high / low cost of housing

  she saved him from the fire but at the cost of her own life.

  at all costs 不惜任何代价 You must stop the press from finding out at all costs.

  The hospital will cost 2 million dollars to build.

  That one mistake almost cost him his life.

  679. dawn n. They start work at dawn.

  We arrived in Sydney as dawn broke. He works from dawn till dusk.

  680. spirit n. 精神 心灵 the power of human spirit to overcome difficulties

  in high / low spirits 情绪 心境

  681. pour v. 倒 ;倾泻;不断流出;大量涌来 The rain is pouring down.

  Reports of successes keep pouring in. 捷报频传

  The students poured out of / into the dinning hall.涌入/涌出

  682. respect vt.尊敬; 尊重 n.尊敬; 方面 have ~ for sb=show ~ to sb in all ~s=in every ~ 在各方面

  683. moment n. 时刻,片刻 One moment, please. 请稍候。

  at the(very) moment=now/then 现在,那时(正) for the moment/present 目前,暂时

  for a moment/a few moments 一会儿 the moment=as soon as=immediately=directly 一…就…

  684. pray v. prayer n 祷告,祈祷的内容 1)。They knelt down and prayed .

  2)。She prayed to God for an ending to her sufferings.

  3)。We prayed that she would recover from her illness.

  4)。We are praying for good weather on Saturday. 5)。My prayer is that one day he will walk again.

  685. relate 联系;把……联系起来 relate A to B

  In the future, pay increases will be related to productivity.

  relate to something/somebody理解 The second paragraph relates to the situation in Scotland.

  Many adults can't relate to children.

  686. track n. 轨道,田径,踪迹,跑道 keep track of sb跟踪,跟踪了解 lose track of sb失去联系

  As to dealing with such problems, you are on the right track.方法正确

  687. stop v. stopped stopped n. 停止 终止 / 车站

  stop to do / doing /sb from doing

  688. lose –lost-lost v. 丢失 失去 输掉 (钟表)走慢

  be lost/gone/missing a lost /missing boy

  lose the game;lose weight;lose one’s way; lose oneself in/ be lost in

  Lost in thought, he didn’t notice me.

  This clock loses/gains(走快)two minutes a day.

  loss n. be at a loss 不知所措; suffer much /great loss

  The loss of his only son made him sad.

  689. serious adj. 严肃的,认真的,严重的 Please be ~ about your work. take sth seriously

  690. reject reject something 拒绝接受 reject an argument/a claim/a decision/an offer/a suggestion

  reject somebody 不录用,拒绝接纳 I've been rejected by all the universities I applied to.

  691. sit vi(sat-sat-sitting) 坐,(鸟等)栖息 ~ down/ ~ at the desk / ~ at table就席,进餐

  692. corner n. 街角; 困境; vt使…落入圈套 There is a hotel on / at the corner of the street.

  drive / force sb into a corner 把某人逼入困境 round / around the corner 很近,在附近

  693. moment n. 时刻,片刻 One moment, please. 请稍候。

  at the(very) moment=now/then 现在,那时(正) for the moment/present 目前,暂时

  for a moment/a few moments 一会儿 the moment=as soon as=immediately=directly 一…就…

  694. mail n./ vt. send a letter by mail /post; mail sth to sb/ mail sb sth

  695. preserve v 保持,保存,保护,维持,维护,保养,保鲜

  1)。He was anxious to preserve his reputation.

  2)。Efforts to preserve the peace have failed.

  3)。This is a perfectly preserved 14th-century house.

  4)。Is she really 60? She’s remarkably well preserved.

  5)。The vegetables should be preserved in the fridge.

  6)。The society was set up to preserve endangered species from extinction.

  696. affect vt. 影响, 深深打动,使悲伤等

  Smoking affects health. People were deeply affected by the death of Jin Zhengri.

  697. ability n. 能力; 才能 the ability to walk 行走的能力

  to the best of one’s ability 竭尽全力 He completed the job to the best of his ability.

  698. dictation 听写 n. have a dictation

  699. greedy adj. 贪婪的 It’s ~ for you to take so money. 贪图权利 be ~ for power

  700. spell spelt spelt / spelled spelled How do you spell your name?

  spell out 拼写出 Can you spell out that name?

  You know what I mean---I am sure I don’t need to spell it out

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