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1.I'm so __grateful__(gratefully) to all those volunteers because they helped my terrible day end happily.

解析:be grateful to...意为“对……感激/感谢”。

2.They gave money to the old people's home either __personally__(person) or through their companies.


3.Most of us,if we know even a little about where our food comes from,understand that every bite put into our mouths was __formerly__(former) alive.


4.Even though the conference hall is near his apartment, he has to hurry a little if he wants to be__punctual__(punctuality).


5.I don't think what he said is __relevant__(relevantly) to the topic we are discussing. He has missed the point.


6.Little Tom sat __amazed__(amaze) watching the monkey dancing in front of him.

解析:amazed意为“感到吃惊的”,常修饰人。句意:小汤姆吃惊地坐在那儿看着猴子在他面前跳舞。拓展:These soldiers spent three days in the cold weather,cold and hungry.这些士兵们又冷又饿,在严寒的天气中过了三天。

7.It was __considerate__(consider) of Michael to inform us of his delay in case we got worried.

解析:considerate考虑周到的,体贴的,常用结构It is considerate of sb. to do sth。句意:迈克尔告知我们他耽搁了一些时间,以防我们担心真是太考虑周到了。

8.The police officers decided to conduct a thorough and__comprehensive__(comprehension) review of the case.


9.Just be __patient__(patience).


10.What was so __impressive__(impress) about Jasmine Westland's victory was that she came first in the marathon bare-footed.


11.—You know, I met my girlfriend's parents for the first time only yesterday.

—__Really__(real)? I thought you'd met them before.


12.Don't defend him any more.It's obvious that he__deliberately__(deliberate) destroyed the fence of the garden even without apology.


13.Thanks for your directions to the house; we wouldn't have found it __otherwise__.


14.This novel was once the __most_widely__(wide) read book in high schools in the United States.

解析:句意为:这部小说曾经是美国高中阅读最广泛的书。根据空前的定冠词及空后的in high schools in the United States可知,应用最高级the most widely来修饰过去分词read,故填most widely。

15.The __harder__ (hard) you try to beat him, the more likely you will get hit.He controls you!


When a plane from London arrived at Sydney airport, workers began to unload a number of __1. wooden__ (wood) boxes which contained clothing. No one could account for the fact that one of the boxes was __2. extremely__ (extreme) heavy. It __3. suddenly__ (sudden) occurred to one of the workers to open up the box. He was __4. astonished__ (astonish) at what he found. A man was lying in the box on top of a pile of __5. woolen__ (wool) goods. He was __6. so__ surprised at being discovered that he did not even try to run away. After he was arrested, the man admitted hiding __7. silently__ (silent) in the box before the plane left London. He had had a long and __8. uncomfortable__ (comfort) trip, for he had been confined (关在)to the wooden box __9. secretly__ (secret)for over eighteen hours. The man was ordered to pay £3,500 for the cost of the trip, which was __10. more__ expensive than the normal price, which only cost £2,000.

1.Lots of studies have shown that global warming has already become a very seriously problem.

答案与解析:seriously→serious 应用形容词修饰名词,不能用副词。

2.That is too much for us, considering how closely the houses are.

答案与解析:closely→close closely是副词,副词通常不能和系动词连用构成系表结构,应改为形容词close,本句how close the houses are中的close本应该是在系动词are的后面,构成系表结构are close。

3.But such a small thing couldn’t possible destroy a village.

答案与解析:possible→possibly 修饰动词destroy,用副词形式。

4.Instead, he hopes that his business will grow steady.

答案与解析:steady→steadily 句意:相反,他希望他的生意能够稳步增长。grow“增长”是谓语动词,故用副词修饰。

5.They were also the best and worse years in my life.

答案与解析:worse→worst 句意:它们也是我生命中最好和最坏的那些年。此处用最高级,与上文的the best呼应。

6.At one time, I even felt my parents couldn't understand me so I hoped I could be freely from them.

答案与解析:freely→free 句意:起初,我甚至感到我的父母不能理解我,所以我希望我能够远离他们。be是连系动词,其后要跟形容词作表语。

7.The dishes that I cooked were Mom's favoritest.

答案与解析:favoritest→favorite 句意:我做的菜是妈妈最喜欢的。favorite“最喜欢的”,没有比较级和最高级形式。

8.I write to my mother every week, most on Sundays.

答案与解析:most→mostly 副词mostly表示“大部分地;主要地”,此处作“大多数”讲,故将most改为mostly。most作副词时,意为“最”。

9.Zaire is the second large producer of diamonds.

答案与解析:large→largest 根据句意可知,此处表示最高级意义,largest前加序数词表示“第几大……”。

10.After making a carefully examination, the doctor said, “You are in a very good state of health for a woman of your age.

答案与解析:carefully→careful examination是名词,要用形容词来修饰。

11.The dog may be a good companion for the old. Therefore, the need to take it for walks may be a disadvantage.

答案与解析:Therefore→However 句意为:狗或许是老年人的好朋友,然而带着它散步可能不方便。disadvantage是关键词,由此可知前后两句是转折关系,故用however。

12.Mom was grateful and moving.

答案与解析:moving→moved moving“令人感动的”,moved“感动的”。根据语境可知,妈妈感到非常感动,故应用moved。

13.He has to work if he wants to live comfortable.

答案与解析:comfortable→comfortably 修饰动词live,应用副词comfortably。

14.When he was young, he read a lot, and late he became a famous writer of his day.

答案与解析:late→later late作形容词或副词,意为“迟,晚”;later作副词,意为“后来”,符合语境。

15.This is a most beautiful park. I have never seen a best one before.

答案与解析:best→better 此处用比较级better,放在否定句中表达最高级含义。

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